Fall in love with the music of Mister Rogers all over again with this collection of contemporary takes on the classic music of Fred Rogers!

Fred Rogers’ legacy includes a wealth of self-penned songs that have become etched in the memories of those who grew up watching him. Donning his sneakers each day, Mister Rogers created and sang songs that introduced new concepts through his comforting words that assured us that each one of us is special.

Songs from the Neighborhood offers families a soundtrack for living – these are songs to share in the car, at home, and during those quiet snuggle-up moments that parents, grandparents, and children cherish. Adults will enjoy and appreciate the new musical arrangements that give a unique interpretation to Fred’s most memorable tunes!

Listen to samples from the album here, and be sure to check out Songs from the Neighborhood on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and all of your other favorite music platforms!

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